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  • Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

a16z-Backed Indian Crypto Exchange Launches the First Rupee-Based Index

ByNdasi Tata

Jun 4, 2022
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Amid the global equity selloffs, it is uncertain if the new index could soon re-ignite domestic investors’ enthusiasm for digital assets.
The a16z-backed Indian crypto exchange – CoinSwitch Kuber – announced the launch of an index that tracks the performance of crypto assets based on the Indian rupee rather than the US dollar.
Until now, investors in India had to rely on international indices based on US Dollar. But these indices do not give the true picture of the Indian market and miss the supply-demand dynamics of India’s growing investor base.
— Ashish Singhal (@ashish343) June 2, 2022

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Jay Zhuang is a journalist and artist with a background in digital art curation. He started writing about cryptocurrency in 2020 and began contributing to DAOs in 2021. He can be reached on Twitter.

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Ndasi Tata

Ndasi Tata is a Cameroonian-born Bitcoin entrepreneur and former state journalist. He earned an M.Sc from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus in Blockchain and Digital Currency. He uses a variety of social media channels to promote his ideas and projects , and he's a major proponent of Bitcoin in Africa.

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