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  • Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Bitcoin price dips under $23K after earnings report reveals Tesla sold 75% of its BTC

ByNdasi Tata

Jul 21, 2022

BTC’s march up toward $24,000 took a brief pause after media headlines announced that Tesla had sold 75% of its Bitcoin position.

Ndasi Tata

Ndasi Tata is a Cameroonian-born Bitcoin entrepreneur and former state journalist who's also known for being a Bitcoin and Blockchain advocate. He's a crypto lover and reporter and has promoted several crypto projects within the African Continent. He uses a variety of social media and online channels. In addition to running a successful Facebook page with thousands of fans, he also promotes blockchain and bitcoin development initiatives on the well-liked YouTube channel #cryptoafrica-now. He earned an M.Sc. from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus in Blockchain and Digital Currency. At the University of Nicosia, Andreas Antonopoulos, Ph.D., and Antonis Polemitis, Ph.D., serve as role models.

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