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  • How Bitcoin whales make a splash in markets and move prices

How Bitcoin whales make a splash in markets and move prices

Are the Whales selling in this bear market? A deep dive into the on-chain data of whales.

Interview with Kevin O’Leary: $28K Bitcoin next or lower? | Market Talks with Crypto Jebb

Kevin O’Leary gives his outlook on the current state of the crypto market in this exclusive live interview with Cointelegraph.

Will the Bitcoin mining industry collapse? Analysts explain why crisis is really opportunity

Many BTC miners are in a tough spot and a few could collapse, but experts say the industry is here to stay.

Not just Bitcoin price: Factors affecting BTC miner profitability

As many crypto holders are gearing up for a bear market, what are the factors influencing the mining business?

Bitcoin price dips under $23K after earnings report reveals Tesla sold 75% of its BTC

BTC’s march up toward $24,000 took a brief pause after media headlines announced that Tesla had sold 75% of its Bitcoin position.

Bitcoin price holds $23.5K, leading bulls to say ‘it’s different this time’

Traders expect BTC price to venture into the $27,000 to $32,000 range now that Bitcoin looks to secure a daily close above its current range.

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