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  • Binance’s Temporary Spot Trading Halt Results in Bitcoin Value Drop.

Binance’s Temporary Spot Trading Halt Results in Bitcoin Value Drop.

Bitcoin value plummeted to $27k after Binance temporarily halted spot trading. The exchange’s decision to suspend trading has raised concerns among traders and investors who are trying to understand the…

Wen moon? Probably not soon: Why Bitcoin traders should make friends with the trend

Recurring bear flags and the Fed’s telegraphed monetary policy are painting a roadmap for BTC’s future price action.

A bullish Bitcoin trend reversal is a far-fetched idea, but this metric is screaming ‘buy’

Non crypto-related factors continue to weigh on BTC price, but a key on-chain metric that called previous market bottoms suggests Bitcoin is severely undervalued.

Canaan exec says opportunity outweighs crisis as Bitcoin miners struggle with shrinking profits

This bear market is proving to be especially tough for Bitcoin miners, but Canaan senior vice president Edward Lu says the industry is “evolving toward a positive long term.”

Bitcoin price corrects after hitting a wall at a multi-month descending trendline

“Up only” Bitcoin and Ethereum take a breather after encountering resistance at a stiff multi-month descending trendline.

Bitcoin drops to support as looming CPI print shakes up crypto and stock markets

Traders tuck their tails as this week’s CPI print approaches and BTC and ETH price fall back into range to test underlying support.

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