With faster expansion than anticipated, the Pan-African cryptocurrency exchange, Yellow Card, is now accessible in sixteen African nations.


In just four years of operation, Yellow Card, a Pan-African cryptocurrency exchange founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux in Nigeria in 2018 with the primary goal of granting financial freedom throughout Africa via its app and educational initiatives, has grown more quickly than anticipated.

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In Abuja, Nigeria, the professionals from Yellow Card are conducting an advertising campaign.

The company has launched a number of educational campaigns and street marketing in its founding headquarters in Nigeria in a ruthless effort to fulfill its mission of giving financial freedom to all Africans. These campaigns aim to inform shoppers and those around the vicinity about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology, how to create a crypto wallet, and how to buy and sell using the yellow card app.

One of the most recent expeditions was to the Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja, Nigeria, where the specialists from Yellow Card established an engaging learning environment and provided promotions to brand-new cryptocurrency fans. Anyone who registers for the campaign in the month of October has the chance to win $100 in cash. To get this fantastic cash price, sign up right away.

Yellow Card has also made cryptocurrency purchases available to everyone in Africa and currently has a significant geographic presence on the continent, with a presence in 16 countries and growing.

In addition to the industry giants Binance, Paxful, and Local Bitcoin, traders in Africa can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other USDT stablecoins with Visa cards, bank transfers, Mobile Money, and other wallets on the yellow card platform.

The largest Series A ever announced by an African cryptocurrency exchange was announced by Yellow Card in 2021, totaling $15 million.

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