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Africa’s Financial Transformation Hinges on Cryptocurrency Education, Experts Say

Education and awareness around cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Africa are crucial to the potential transformation of financial systems on the continent. However, there is a notable lack of understanding…

Canaan exec says opportunity outweighs crisis as Bitcoin miners struggle with shrinking profits

This bear market is proving to be especially tough for Bitcoin miners, but Canaan senior vice president Edward Lu says the industry is “evolving toward a positive long term.”

3 reasons why Bitcoin’s drop to $21K and the market-wide sell-off could be worse than you think

There are signs of further turbulence ahead. The absence of a BTC futures premium, $470 million in liquidations and excessive stablecoin lending all point toward new yearly lows.

Amid miner capitulation, Hut 8 maintained BTC ‘HODL strategy’ in July

Other Bitcoin miners such as Core Scientific, Argo Blockchain and Riot Blockchain have reduced their BTC holdings during the bear market.

Not just Bitcoin price: Factors affecting BTC miner profitability

As many crypto holders are gearing up for a bear market, what are the factors influencing the mining business?

Could Bitcoin miners’ troubles trigger a ‘death spiral’ for BTC price?

Forced selling from Bitcoin miners raises concern about BTC price, but the use of renewable energy and the oil and gas industry’s growing interest in BTC are longterm positives.

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