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In 2018, a group of young Africans in Pretoria, South Africa, launched CryptoAfricaNow under the direction of Ndasi Bodwin Tata, a journalist from Cameroon. Its primary objective is to spread the most recent information on its progress throughout Africa in order to increase the general understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

We believe and envision a “CASHLESS AFRICA” society by 2030 via the help of digital currencies and blockchain in all the villages or unbanked areas in Africa. Cryptocurrencies will drive this new economy, which is built on the third-generation Internet’s blockchain technology.

In addition to covering the blockchain startup landscape on the continent, events, founder interviews, and business news, we also provide crypto news for the entire continent of Africa. The Blockchain will completely alter the African economy.

Some of our services include:

• News
• Events
• Interviews
• Meetups
• Projects
• Write-ups

• Reporting – In Africa, we cover product news, launches, updates, etc.
• Community management/growth – We establish, manage, and operate cryptocurrency and blockchain communities for diverse companies and organizations.
• We also provide consultation services in blockchain development, cryptocurrency education, and starting up a crypto business on the continent.
• Organizing, coordinating, and conducting events – both online and offline – across Africa
We can reach any region of the continent thanks to our network of African crypto and blockchain influencers, media networks, and communities.

For updates on our activities, follow us on social media at:

YouTube: CryptoAfrica-Now
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/cryptoafricanow
Reach out via Email: sales@cryptoafricanow.com

About Us

Everything “CASHLESS AFRICA !”

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