Blockchain Education Ignites at Federal University of Technology Owerri


Yellow Card’s Financial Literacy Tour Empowers Nigerian Students with Blockchain Knowledge

Owerri, Nigeria – In a remarkable display of commitment to financial education and technological advancement, Yellow Card, a prominent Pan African cryptocurrency exchange, joined forces with Circle, a leading global financial technology company helping money move at internet speed, to host a highly successful Financial Literacy Tour event at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. This groundbreaking event attracted over 300 students, who eagerly immersed themselves in a world of possibilities offered by the blockchain revolution.


The event, held at the prestigious Federal University of Technology at Owerri, not only introduced the students to the concept of cryptocurrencies but also shed light on the vast potential of stablecoins, specifically USDC, in transforming their lives. The speakers, including renowned figures such as Queen Helen Azubuike, Loveday Izuchukwu, and Chinedu (Arthur) Kain, generously shared their extensive knowledge and expertise with the enthusiastic audience.

With a strong emphasis on financial literacy, the students were exposed to the manifold applications of blockchain technology, realizing the numerous career opportunities that lie within the crypto space. The event served as a platform for nurturing young minds, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging innovation within the budding Nigerian fintech ecosystem.

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In addition to the knowledge gained, the attendees were treated to a host of entertainment activities. Vibrant music performances, mesmerizing dance routines, and side-splitting comedy acts captivated the crowd, infusing the event with a lively atmosphere. Furthermore, Yellow Card surprised the participants with generous giveaways, including branded t-shirts, bucket hats, and even USDC, further highlighting their commitment to fostering financial inclusion and empowering the next generation of crypto enthusiasts.

This Financial Literacy Tour coincides with an exciting period for Nigeria, as the nation recently approved a national blockchain policy. In light of this progressive development, startups are increasingly targeting educational institutions as key platforms for mass awareness and blockchain educational programs. By reaching out to students at the Federal University of Owerri, Yellow Card and Circle have taken a significant step towards bridging the knowledge gap and equipping young Nigerians with the skills required to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

The success of the Financial Literacy Tour is a testament to the growing interest and potential of blockchain technology in Nigeria. It underscores the need for comprehensive financial education that embraces the possibilities of emerging technologies. As the nation embraces the digital era, initiatives such as this pave the way for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The collaborative efforts of Yellow Card, Circle, and the Federal University of Owerri mark a transformative moment in Nigeria’s journey towards a blockchain-enabled future. By empowering young minds with knowledge, nurturing talent, and showcasing the potential of cryptocurrencies, this event has set a precedent for similar initiatives across the nation. As Nigeria’s youth embrace the opportunities presented by blockchain technology, they hold the key to shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for themselves and their country.

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