Is Theta Network token now bullish after double-digit gains?

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  • Theta network has been touted as a next-generation video streaming platform 
  • The network faces competition from other networks
  • Theta token has pumped 20% but remains in consolidation mode

Theta Network token THETA/USD has returned more than 20% in the past one week. The gains in the last 24 hours were 2.46% as of press time. The gains consider that THETA has been relatively subdued despite other cryptocurrencies surging. 

Theta Network promises to revolutionize video streaming through the blockchain network. By becoming the next-generation video blockchain network, Theta will rival YouTube. That was evident mid-last year when the network saw exponential growth.

This year, however, Theta has been beset with challenges. It is yet to live to the hype of being a YouTube rival. The booming metaverse applications with almost everything in virtual space have also been a threat. Protocols such as Axie Infinity have been preferred by gamers. However, once Theta proves its course, it is bound to rise. Recent gains attest to expectations of a price pump. But is the token bullish now?

Theta trapped in a consolidation zone despite latest gains

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Source – TradingView

On the daily chart technical outlook, Theta token has been very stable above $1.06 support. The token has held to this key level since May. It suggests sellers’ exhaustion and the potential entry of buyers. Nonetheless, the $1.45 resistance has always taken the price back for every surge. That makes the consolidation zone a level to watch.

Moving averages and MACD indicators show a bullish momentum for THETA. Our assessment suggests that a break above $1.45 will confirm bullish momentum. Already, THETA has shown the likelihood of a breakout. Investors should watch the token over the next few days.


Although Theta token is in the consolidation zone, a potential breakout is on the cards. The token has been stable since May, and a breakout would attract more buyer interest.

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