Kenya’s M-PESA Goes Global with Apple and PayPal


In a historic address to the nation on September 16, 2023, President William Samoei Ruto, Kenya’s esteemed leader, unveiled an audacious partnership that is set to reshape the digital landscape not only in Kenya but on a global scale. President Ruto announced that Safaricom PLC, Kenya’s telecommunications giant, is forging a groundbreaking alliance with tech titan Apple Inc. This partnership aims to seamlessly integrate the ubiquitous M-PESA platform with PayPal, the global transactional behemoth, expanding M-PESA’s reach to the far corners of the world.

In his riveting speech, President Ruto emphasised that this monumental collaboration marks a decisive leap forward for M-PESA, Kenya’s pride, and a digital payment system that has already transformed the lives of millions. But this partnership is not just about local success; it’s about catapulting Kenya onto the international stage as a digital powerhouse.

The significance of this partnership cannot be overstated. M-PESA, which has long been a symbol of financial inclusion and innovation, will now extend its reach far beyond our borders. It will become a global force for financial empowerment, and Kenya will be at the forefront of this revolution.

However, the president’s ambitious vision doesn’t stop here. He revealed that Kenya is also forging strategic alliances with tech giants such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Oracle, and Google. These collaborations are not merely business deals; they are the cornerstone of Kenya’s pro-tech, solution-oriented transformation agenda.


We have every intention to maximise the wonderful chances these companies have presented to radically enhance our service delivery in skills development and training, research and development, data management, manufacturing, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, and various other sectors in Kenya,” President Ruto affirmed.

Kenya’s quest for global prominence doesn’t end with technology. President Ruto highlighted the country’s efforts to strengthen bilateral trade between the United States and Kenya through the strategic trade and investment partnership. This partnership is poised to open new vistas of economic cooperation and mutual benefit.

In conclusion, President William Samoei Ruto’s visionary announcement has set Kenya on an unprecedented trajectory towards global digital prominence. The integration of M-PESA with PayPal, alongside strategic collaborations with tech giants, heralds a new era of innovation and progress. Kenya’s digital footprint is set to leave an indelible mark on the world, and the nation’s potential is poised to be unleashed as it takes centre stage in the global tech arena. Kenya is not just ready; it’s leading the way into a future of boundless possibilities.

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