Nigerian Julian Oti Emerges Winner of Yellow Card’s “A Whole in Your Wallet” Campaign.


Yellow Card, a prominent pan-African cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced the winner of its “A Whole in Your Wallet” campaign held in Lagos, Nigeria. Julian Oti, a young Nigerian cryptocurrency enthusiast, emerged as the winner and was awarded 1 bitcoin, which currently trades between 28,000 and 30,000 USD in value.

The campaign, which ran from February to April 2023, was aimed at appreciating Yellow Card’s loyal customers who have been integral to the company’s success. As explained by Rachael Akalia, Yellow Card’s regional marketing manager for West Africa, the campaign also provided an opportunity to give back to customers in an impactful way.

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Upon winning the “A Whole in Your Wallet” campaign, Julian Oti shared that he had been trading cryptocurrency since 2016, but joined Yellow Card in 2022 due to its attractive trading rates and user-friendliness. In February, after receiving a message from Yellow Card about the campaign, he decided to participate by increasing the frequency of his transactions on the platform. To his surprise, he was announced as the winner at the end of the campaign.

Julian Oti plans to use part of the awarded bitcoin for personal needs while reinvesting the rest for trading digital assets. Yellow Card has been mobilizing and creating massive campaigns in Africa to raise awareness of digital currency in the region in recent years. The “A Whole in Your Wallet” campaign was created to address the effects of the market landscape on everyday crypto users, especially in light of the global economy and crypto outlook for 2023. With experts predicting tougher times and a prolonged bear market, Yellow Card understands the need to give back to its users during these challenging times.

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