Amid Security Breach, Patricia Rolls Out Groundbreaking Stablecoin Token


In the face of adversity, Patricia has emerged stronger than ever. Following a malicious cyber attack on May 26, 2023, which resulted in a significant loss of assets, Patricia, the pan-African cryptocurrency exchange, has taken a remarkable stride towards rebuilding trust and ensuring the safety of its valued users. With a commitment to integrity and customer trust, Patricia Technologies recently announced the launch of its stablecoin token, Patricia Token (PTK), valuing 1 PTK at 1 USD. This monumental move comes in the wake of a devastating cyber attack that shook the company on May 26, 2023, resulting in a substantial loss of assets. However, Patricia’s response to this adversity demonstrates not only resilience but a profound dedication to its users and the African cryptocurrency community.

Restoring Trust in Cryptocurrency

The cyber attack on Patricia Technologies in May 2023 was a harsh wake-up call for both the company and its users. It left a gaping hole in the company’s credibility, with clients understandably anxious about the safety of their investments. In response to this crisis, Patricia Technologies made a pledge to its clients – a promise to work diligently with security agencies at its headquarters in Nigeria to rectify the situation and ensure the security and recovery of users’ funds.

Unfortunately, it became evident that the attackers had not only breached the company’s defences but had also compromised and looted users’ funds. This dire situation left Patricia Technologies with a single viable option to rebuild trust and compensate its clients – the creation of a new token, the Patricia Token, which has the potential to yield substantial profits for its users.

Unveiling Patricia Token

Patricia Token is not merely another cryptocurrency; it’s a revolutionary solution designed to address the aftermath of the security breach and restore users’ faith in Patricia Technologies. At its core, the Patricia Token functions as a debt management token. It symbolises Patricia Technologies’ commitment to reimburse holders with 1 USDT for each Patricia Token in the future, thus guaranteeing asset recovery and mitigating the repercussions of the security breach.

It’s essential to note that Patricia Token operates off-chain, serving as an internal token used to represent debt. Patricia Technologies will oversee its management, ensuring that the token’s balance mirrors the dollar value of the converted assets.

The Path to Redemption

Initial Distribution & Long Term Perspective

Upon its launch, Patricia Tokens will be allocated to users as a debt instrument in exchange for the assets lost during the breach. This approach establishes a tangible link between users’ losses and the compensation mechanism.

  1. In essence, the Patricia Token each user receives is a sum of their BTC, NGN, and USD assets.
  2. Other assets, such as ETH, XRP, and DOGE, remain unaffected.
  3. Users will be able to see the total amount available for withdrawal in their balances. Any Patricia tokens in the available balance can be converted to USDT.
  4. Customers who have completed the Asset Recovery form will receive priority for withdrawals once the app relaunches.
  5. Over time, more balances will become accessible through the tokens.
  6. Our vision is to officially launch the Patricia Token after addressing our debt dynamics.

Patricia Token will become an active token once it fulfils its role as a debt management vehicle. Subsequently, Patricia Technologies will leverage the trust accumulated from repaying the assets to make a public launch of the Patricia Token across external exchanges.

Conversion Mechanism

To ensure a seamless transition, consolidation of value, and the reopening of operations, Patricia Technologies has devised a comprehensive conversion plan:

  1. Upon reopening the platform for business, each user will undergo an asset conversion process.
  2. Users’ BTC and fiat assets (BTC, NGN, and USD), if any, will be automatically converted to Patricia Tokens during the migration process.
  3. The conversion rate is based on the USD value of the respective assets as of April 29th, 2023.
  4. Before conversion, users will receive information about the worth of their assets, and post-conversion, the equivalent Patricia Token amount will be clearly highlighted.
  5. Every user will have a dedicated Patricia Token wallet, displaying the dollar equivalent of their converted assets.
  6. Users will continue to have access to their other wallets like XRP, Doge, and ETH as usual.
  7. Users’ BTC and USD wallets will also be available for normal usage after the reopening, with assets held in them prior to April 29th, 2023, having been migrated to Patricia Token.

The launch of Patricia Token by Patricia Technologies marks a significant turning point in the world of cryptocurrency, especially within the African continent. It embodies a commitment to transparency, security, and the restoration of value for its users. As Patricia Technologies embarks on this transformative journey, the cryptocurrency community watches with bated breath, eager to witness the dawn of a new era.

In a landscape that often sees uncertainty and volatility, Patricia Token stands as a beacon of trust, promising not only to repay its users but also to reshape the future of cryptocurrency in Africa.

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