Rwanda Hosts Blockchain Meetup: Spotlight on Sustainable Traceability


In a remarkable gathering of minds and innovation, Kigali, Rwanda, played host to the Rwanda Blockchain Community of Practice meetups, held at the prestigious Career Building Centre within the technological epicentre of DigiCentre. The theme, “Supply Chain and Sustainable Traceability,” resonated throughout the event, echoing the nation’s commitment to harnessing blockchain’s transformative power.

This groundbreaking event, graced by esteemed partners including the Republic of Rwanda, Blockchain Rwanda, the Africa Blockchain Institute, Ni-he, and the Digital Transformation Centre, brought together blockchain enthusiasts from Kigali and beyond. It served as a vibrant forum for networking, idea sharing, and the exchange of insights into this pioneering technology’s endless possibilities.

The curtains lifted on this grand symposium with a captivating opening address by Dr. Said, Head of Division Manager at RISA (Rwanda Information Society Authority). His words set the stage for what promised to be a day of enlightenment, innovation, and collaboration.

Rwanda’s Ascent in Innovation

The keynote speaker, Dr. Ivan Twagirashema, Deputy Chief Executive of Rwanda’s Mines, Petroleum, and Gas Board, took the stage next. His address delved deep into the opportunities and challenges presented by the blockchain revolution. Dr. Twagirashema’s words underscored the pivotal role that Rwanda envisions for itself in shaping the blockchain landscape on the African continent.

The discussion then shifted towards the practical applications of blockchain technology, particularly in the realm of supply chain traceability. A panel of experts, including Abdulai Barrie from the African Leadership University, Guy Ntare from Near ReFi, expertly moderated by Kayode Babarinde from the African Blockchain Institute, dissected the role of blockchain in enhancing transparency and accountability within supply chains.

Dr. Victor Mapunga, CEO of FlexID, illuminated the audience with a compelling case study. He showcased blockchain’s resounding success stories in identity management, shedding light on how this technology has the potential to revolutionize personal data security and privacy.

As the day unfolded, Thierry Byiringiro, a distinguished Blockchain Developer, led an interactive workshop, demonstrating the intricacies of developing blockchain solutions. His session provided a hands-on experience for attendees, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Blockchain’s Role in Supply Chain Traceability

Rwanda, a nation renowned for its rapid infrastructure development, unwavering commitment to good governance, and remarkable economic advancements, once again demonstrated its visionary approach. By embracing emerging technologies such as blockchain, Rwanda showcases its dedication to nurturing young industries with immense potential, ultimately benefiting its citizens and positioning itself as a pioneer in Africa’s technological renaissance.

In conclusion, the Rwanda Blockchain Community of Practice meetups in Kigali stand as a testament to the nation’s unwavering dedication to innovation and progress. This event not only brought together the brightest minds in the blockchain sphere but also served as a resounding declaration that Rwanda is at the forefront of the technological revolution, poised to lead Africa into a prosperous and sustainable future.

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