Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao on crypto skeptics: ‘no need to ignore them’

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Bitcoin has been called just about anything and virtually “nothing” by skeptics over the years.

If you did a little checking, you would note that perhaps the most bile towards the revolutionary technology maybe coming from what Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao calls “experienced and respected crypto skeptics.”

So how does the crypto market “address” this group of influential personalities and experts?

In his latest blog published on Friday, Zhao says “walk a mile in their shoes”, get to understand where their perspective has formed. Importantly, why take everything to heart when this is all normal and expected behavior.

Being protective and defensive doesn’t always come from a maligned place. Good-faith actors want to protect their users and community. Central banks, regulators, and financiers, in most cases, want to avoid risk and provide security. So when people ask me how I deal with trusted, respected professionals admonishing crypto, I try to walk a mile in their shoes,” he wrote.

Don’t take ‘everything to heart’, CZ says

You have heard it all, you are engaging some of them – and clearly, they seem not to understand what crypto is. Instead of ‘ignoring’ their criticism, try to understand their views from the perspective of “their experience and position.”

This is how you end up extracting value from whatever criticism they advance.   And once you do that?

There’s no need to ignore them or take everything to heart once you’ve dug a little bit deeper,” Zhao advises.

There is a lot one can take from the Binance chief’s take on crypto critics and how to go about getting to know that what they say comes from a certain point of view.

In a nutshell, blockchain technology is disruptive technology – and like any other new technology that actually disrupts – it’s more likely than not to be met with some skepticism from those who might feel threatened by it.

You can read all of CZ’s argument on the Binance blog.

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