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  • Kenya proposes to tax cryptocurrency trade.

Kenya proposes to tax cryptocurrency trade.

Over 4 million Kenyans are presently using cryptocurrency, according to recent reports, and lawmakers in Kenya are currently debating whether or not to move forward with a law that would…

Lusaka will play host to one of its biggest blockchain summits, November 28–30, 2022.

Blockchain enthusiasts in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, are growing anxious as they anticipate the blockchain summit that will be held by the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) on…

Wen moon? Probably not soon: Why Bitcoin traders should make friends with the trend

Recurring bear flags and the Fed’s telegraphed monetary policy are painting a roadmap for BTC’s future price action.

3 reasons why the Bitcoin price bottom is not in

Bear market fractals, weak technicals and macro risks continue to signal more pain for Bitcoin ahead.

Crypto Kaleo says ‘a bit lower’ before new highs makes sense for Bitcoin

Crypto Kaleo does not think there will be a capitulation to beneath $20K or below for Bitcoin. However, he sees BTC retesting support levels below current prices before making new…

Bitcoin likely to transition to a risk-off asset in H2 2022, says Bloomberg analyst

As the global economy moves into a recession in the second half of 2002, Bitcoin will likely rally alongside gold and treasury bonds, according to Mike McGlone, a senior commodity…

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