Despite challenges as a female coder in Togo, 23-year-old Rebecca Taboukouna attracts Google’s attention at the Flutter event in Nairobi.


In Togo, girls and women who work as web developers face similar challenges as their counterparts in other countries, such as limited access to technology and a male-dominated industry. However, there are also initiatives aimed at empowering and encouraging girls to pursue careers in technology, including web development.

For example, there are organizations such as GirlCode Togo, Lomé Women TechMakers, and Lomé Google Developer Student Clubs that are focused on promoting technology education and providing a support network for girls and women in the tech industry. Additionally, there are programs and initiatives that aim to provide training and resources for girls and women in web development and other tech fields.

Overall, the situation for girls and women working in web development in Togo is gradually improving, but there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in the tech industry. Google has been encouraging young developers worldwide, including in Togo, to attain their goals in the field of technology, especially in web development. During the just-ended January 25-2023 Flutter Forward Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, that brought hundreds of coders using the Flutter platform to exchange ideas and interact on the future of web and mobile development,

This weekend, CryptoAfricaNow (CAN) focuses on a 23-year-old Web developer, Rebecca Taboukouna, from Lomé, Togo, who was selected and sponsored by Google to attend the Nairobi Flutter Forward Conference. At her age, she’s creating impact in developing Togolese girls and women in the field of web development. She narrates some of the challenges she faced as a girl developer from Togo.

Rebecca Taboukouna at the Flutter Forward Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Q1: Who is Rebecca Taboukouna?

I’m a web and mobile application developer from Togo, and I oversee two development groups there. These are the Lomé Women TechMakers and the Lomé University Google Developer Student Clubs.

Q2: What challenges do you encounter in the field as a young developer?

We developers encounter various challenges, especially in my home country of Togo, where developers receive little to no compensation for their work. Although recruiters do not value it, it is a field of the future.

Secondly, developers frequently innovate. Being a good developer requires a lot of effort and research; it’s not easy to become one. Because technology is always changing, developers must maintain their skill sets in order to remain competitive.

Q3: Describe your experience at the Nairobi Flutter Forward Conference.

The conference, however, was incredibly engaging, friendly, educational, and interactive. Along with top Google specialists, I also met other young African developers from countries like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia, and others.

Q4: What advice do you have for African girls interested in technology?

I can emphasize that more promotion is needed for women in technology, especially in Africa. There aren’t many women making their way in this industry. Some began but never fully developed due to the difficult environment and lack of encouraging facilities. 

Q5) What factors led to your selection and sponsorship by Google for the Flutter Forward Conference in Nairobi, Kenya?

Google specifically invited people who utilize the Flutter platform and are a part of Google communities, as well as those who run them. I managed the Google Developer Student Club at the University of Lomé. And as a female team leader and developer, I was selected.

Q6: How many of you, and how many girls, were invited by Google from Togo?

I was one of three Togolese people chosen by Google, and I am the only female in the group of three.
We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us, and we hope to work with you again on your next project. Keep up the wonderful work of motivating other African ladies.


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