SiBAN and NITDA Unite: Propelling Nigeria’s Economic Growth with Blockchain


Empowering Nigeria’s Future: National Dialogue Unveils Ambitious Blockchain Policy Implementation

Lagos, Nigeria – In a groundbreaking event that witnessed the convergence of technological visionaries, policymakers, and industry leaders, the National Information Technology Department Agency (NITDA), in partnership with the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), orchestrated a resounding success with the Stakeholder Policy Dialogue on the Implementation of the National Blockchain Policy. The event, held on August 9, 2023, at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel in Lagos, heralded a transformative chapter in Nigeria’s technological trajectory.


Under the resounding theme, “Driving Sustainable Economic Growth and Development through the Adoption of Blockchain Technology,” the symposium embarked on an exploratory journey toward harnessing the immense potential of blockchain technology as a catalyst for Nigeria’s socio-economic advancement. Dignitaries, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and luminaries from diverse sectors assembled to partake in a discourse that could redefine the nation’s technological landscape.

The Director General of NITDA, the illustrious Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, took center stage, delivering a keynote address that resonated deeply with the audience. His insights illuminated the path ahead, painting a vivid picture of how blockchain’s decentralized architecture could revolutionize various sectors, from finance to healthcare, and beyond. The eloquence with which he articulated the government’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies garnered the audience’s unwavering attention.

A moment of profound inspiration came from Miss Karla Obakpolor, a beacon of hope and ingenuity in the blockchain ecosystem. As the visionary founder of “Crypto Smart,” Miss Obakpolor’s voice resonated with earnest urgency. She illuminated the challenges young Nigerian blockchain developers face and proposed a visionary initiative that could redefine the nation’s technological workforce. Her proposal, echoed with enthusiasm, called upon NITDA and SiBAN to spearhead a comprehensive training program aimed at equipping 500,000 Nigerians with blockchain skills, propelling them into the forefront of the technological revolution.

The symposium’s corridors buzzed with spirited discussions, punctuated by optimism and innovative zeal. The collective sentiment underscored an unwavering commitment to steering Nigeria’s technological trajectory towards unprecedented horizons. This collaborative effort between NITDA and SiBAN signifies a pivotal juncture where private and public entities have aligned their energies to foster a thriving blockchain ecosystem, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.

As the sun set on this historic dialogue, an electrifying aura lingered in the air—an unwavering belief that Nigeria’s potential is boundless when harnessed by the transformative power of blockchain technology. The symposium’s resounding success serves as a beacon of hope, guiding the nation towards a future where technology not only augments but propels sustainable development, economic prosperity, and societal advancement.

In a world witnessing rapid technological evolution, Nigeria’s determination to embrace blockchain as a cornerstone of its future serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to progress. As the nation moves forward, guided by the insights shared at this monumental event, it does so with a united spirit, empowered by knowledge, and driven by the collective aspiration for a better tomorrow.

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