EFCC, A&D, Binance: Pioneering Success in Law Enforcement Crypto Training

Crypto Crime Investigation Training
Law Enforcement Crypto Training Success: EFCC, A & D and Binance Lead the Way in Nigeria.

Collaborative efforts between the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and A&D Forensics aim to make Africa a secure hub for digital assets

Date: December 7, 2023

In a groundbreaking move towards fostering the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa, Binance, the global leader in cryptocurrency exchange, has joined forces with A&D Forensics, a consulting firm renowned for its top-notch professional forensics services. This strategic collaboration seeks not only to promote the responsible use of digital assets but also to combat illicit activities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space.

A notable highlight of this partnership is the recent success of the Law Enforcement Crypto Investigation Training conducted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria in conjunction with Binance. The A&D Forensics consultancy firm played a pivotal role in hosting the Binance Investigation team, represented by Jarek Jakubcek and Emmanuel Babalola, at their main office.

Adedeji Owonibi, the senior partner at A&D Forensics, emphasised the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive, world-class, and value-adding professional forensics services. During the meeting, Owonibi also shed light on the range of services offered by A&D Forensics and its sister company, Convexity. The Binance team took advantage of the opportunity to tour the facilities and gain insights into the methodologies employed by A&D Forensics in ensuring the security of the cryptocurrency landscape.

A key aspect of A&D Forensics’ approach is their open-door policy for regulators, law enforcement agencies, governments, Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), and cryptocurrency exchanges interested in collaboration. This inclusive stance reflects the company’s dedication to fostering a safer Web 3 Ecosystem in Africa.

The cryptocurrency industry in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, has witnessed exponential growth, with a significant portion of the youth population embracing it as a beacon of economic opportunity. Recognising the potential and challenges inherent in this industry, Binance is not merely focusing on educational initiatives but is actively engaged in collaborative efforts with governments to prevent and investigate crypto-related crimes. The aim is to implement robust policies that will facilitate responsible industry adoption and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

As Africa emerges as a key player in the global cryptocurrency landscape, the partnership between Binance and A&D Forensics stands as a testament to the commitment to ethical practises, regulatory compliance, and the promotion of a secure digital financial ecosystem. Together, they are pioneering efforts to ensure that Africa becomes a safe haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and businesses alike.


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