A&D Forensic Sets New Standards in Digital Forensics Certification

Expert-Led Module on Regulatory Guidelines Marks Highlight of A&D Forensic's 3CS Training Programme

Abuja-Based A&D Forensic Concludes 5-Module Cryptocurrency Compliance Training with Certification Exam

A&D Forensic, a prominent Nigerian digital and consulting firm, marked another milestone on February 8, 2024, by successfully concluding a comprehensive 5-module training for its participants under the Cryptocurrency Compliance and Investigation Training programme (3CS). The training, held at the company’s headquarters in Abuja, culminated in a certification exam, positioning participants to navigate the evolving landscape of regulatory guidelines and cryptocurrency compliance tools.

Led by Mr. Adedeji Owonibi, Senior Partner at A&D Forensic, the fifth module specifically delved into regulatory guidelines and cryptocurrency compliance tools. Participants were well-prepared for their examinations, gaining insights into various tools from A&D Forensic’s supportive partners. The training provided hands-on demonstrations of Cryptocompliance processes such as Wallet Screening and Transaction Monitoring, Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Vasp (KYV), and the Travel Rule process.

Participants Gain In-Depth Insights into Cryptocompliance Processes in A&D Forensic’s Latest Training Session

A&D Forensic has been at the forefront of providing world-class, value-added professional forensic services to its clients, utilising cutting-edge industry technologies. The firm’s mission revolves around delivering exceptional services in areas including Blockchain Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Blockchain Forensics, Consultations, and Cryptocurrency Compliance/Investigation training.

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Cryptocurrency Compliance Expertise Soars with A&D Forensic’s Guidance

The success of A&D Forensic is attributed to the company’s commitment to understanding its clients’ unique needs. This investment in time allows the firm to tailor solutions that yield optimal results for its diverse clientele.

A&D Forensic’s Comprehensive Consulting Services:

  1. Blockchain Forensics: Leveraging blockchain analytic tools at A&D Forensics Lab, the firm traces and investigates blockchain and cryptocurrency-related crimes.
  2. Audit Services: A&D Forensic assists in securing smart contracts and blockchain platforms from security attacks, hacks, and fraud.
  3. AML/CFT Compliance Monitoring: The firm reviews business systems, monitors suspicious VASP activities, and ensures clients are up-to-date with industry-leading tools and solutions.
  4. Crypto Compliance and Investigation Trainings: A&D Forensic offers certification courses that transform Law Enforcement Agents, Investigators, and Compliance Officers into experts.
  5. PenTesting and Vulnerability Assessment: Investigating blockchain projects and platforms, A&D Forensic ensures they are secured from cybersecurity breaches.

A&D Forensic remains dedicated to providing top-notch services, contributing significantly to the development and advancement of the digital and consulting landscape in Nigeria and beyond. The successful completion of the 3CS training further solidifies the firm’s commitment to excellence in cryptocurrency compliance and investigation.


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