Smart Africa Holds Successful Ministerial Training at GITEX Africa.


Smart Africa and GITEX Africa Join Forces to Foster Digital Innovation and Governance in Africa.

Marrakech, Morocco – May 31, 2023: The GITEX Africa summit, a highly anticipated event showcasing technological advancements, kicks off today in Marrakech. In a remarkable display of collaboration, Smart Africa, through its Digital Academy, has partnered with GITEX Africa to deliver a groundbreaking ministerial training on innovation governance for the Digital Age. This training sets the stage for the maiden Council of African ICT Agencies (CAITA), a pivotal moment for Africa’s digital transformation.


Dignitaries from ten African countries, including five ministers, convened in Marrakech to attend this historic training. The event commenced with opening remarks by Ghita Mezzour, PHD, and Lacina Koné, DG/CEO of Smart Africa. Together, they celebrated the remarkable progress Africa has made in digital transformation while emphasizing the crucial role of good governance in fostering digital innovation.


Smart Africa, an alliance of 37 African countries, international organizations, and global private sector players, is dedicated to driving Africa’s digital agenda. Guided by the visionary commitment of African Heads of State, Smart Africa aims to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development and propel Africa into the knowledge economy through affordable broadband access and the use of ICTs. By envisioning a unified digital market in Africa by 2030, the Smart Africa Alliance unites Heads of State in their quest to expedite digitalization and establish a common market across the continent.


Launched in 2013 by seven African Heads of State, the alliance has since grown to encompass 37 member countries, representing over 1.1 billion people. Furthermore, it boasts over 40 private sector members who share the commitment to advancing Africa’s digital prowess. With its far-reaching influence, Smart Africa is poised to revolutionize the continent’s technological landscape, fostering innovation, and propelling economic growth.

The partnership with GITEX Africa, a renowned platform for showcasing cutting-edge technology, amplifies Smart Africa’s efforts to drive digital innovation in the region. By combining their expertise and resources, these two powerhouses are set to revolutionize the ICT sector, offering unprecedented opportunities for Africa’s socio-economic advancement.

The maiden Council of African ICT Agencies (CAITA) is another milestone in Africa’s digital journey. This council, comprising prominent figures from the ICT sector, will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and policy development across the continent. Through CAITA, Africa’s ICT agencies will be empowered to shape the digital landscape, align policies, and drive innovation to unleash Africa’s full potential.

As the GITEX Africa summit commences, the stage is set for groundbreaking discussions, showcasing the latest technological advancements, and forging partnerships to accelerate Africa’s digital revolution. With Smart Africa and GITEX Africa at the helm, the continent is poised to seize the opportunities presented by the digital age, propelling Africa towards a prosperous future driven by technology and innovation.

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