President Tinubu Sworn In: Nigeria’s Blockchain-Powered Future Begins.


Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of Nigeria, Pioneers Blockchain Technology to Boost Economy.

Lagos, Nigeria – On May 29, 2023, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was officially inaugurated as the President of Nigeria, marking a historic moment for the nation. With a transformative agenda for economic development, President Tinubu is committed to leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the country’s banking sector and position Nigeria at the forefront of the global digital economy.

During the tenure of the outgoing administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, who is a member of the same political party (APC) as President Tinubu, Nigeria’s government approved a comprehensive national blockchain policy on May 3, 2023. Developed by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, this policy serves as the bedrock for Nigeria’s transition to a digital economy.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu in white, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

President Tinubu’s vision entails harnessing blockchain technology to establish a robust and secure economy that fosters trust, innovation, and growth. The policy envisions a blockchain-powered economy that facilitates secure transactions, data sharing, and value exchange among individuals, businesses, and the government.

The Nigerian banking sector is one of the key areas where President Tinubu intends to deploy blockchain technology. By implementing blockchain solutions, he aims to tackle the sector’s challenges, including inefficient processes, high transaction costs, and limited financial inclusion.

Here is a closer look at how President Tinubu’s blockchain-focused approach can strengthen the Nigerian economy:

  1. Enhanced Financial Inclusion: Blockchain technology can enable seamless and cost-effective financial services for the unbanked and underbanked populations of Nigeria. Leveraging blockchain’s decentralized nature, President Tinubu seeks to extend financial access to millions of Nigerians who currently lack formal banking services, thereby driving economic growth and reducing poverty.
  2. Streamlined Payments and Remittances: Blockchain-powered payment systems can facilitate fast, secure, and low-cost domestic and international transactions. President Tinubu intends to leverage this technology to reduce the friction and high fees associated with cross-border remittances, making it easier for Nigerians abroad to send money back home and bolstering the overall economy.
  3. Transparent Governance and Anti-Corruption Measures: Blockchain’s immutable and transparent nature can contribute to combating corruption and improving governance. By implementing blockchain-based systems for public procurement, land registry, and other government processes, President Tinubu aims to enhance accountability, eliminate fraud, and build trust between citizens and the government.
  4. Strengthened Supply Chain Management: Blockchain technology offers end-to-end visibility and traceability in supply chains, reducing inefficiencies, fraud, and counterfeit goods. President Tinubu plans to leverage this capability to strengthen Nigeria’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors, boost exports, and attract foreign investments.
  5. Support for Tech Innovation and Startups: President Tinubu recognizes the potential of blockchain technology to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. By creating a conducive environment for blockchain startups, providing investment incentives, and fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government, Nigeria can position itself as a regional hub for blockchain innovation and attract global investments.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s emphasis on blockchain technology signifies a transformative vision for Nigeria’s economic future. As his administration takes charge, the Nigerian people eagerly anticipate the implementation of concrete policies and initiatives that harness the power of blockchain to fuel growth, foster inclusion, and elevate the nation to new heights in the digital economy.

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