Dr. Al Kuwaiti’s Compelling Speech at GITEX AFRICA Highlights the Crucial Role of Cyber Resilience in National Security.


The future of national security lies in the realm of cyber resilience, according to H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, the esteemed Head of the UAE Cybersecurity Council. In a compelling speech delivered at GITEX AFRICA, Dr. Al Kuwaiti emphasized the crucial role of incorporating cyber resilience into national security strategies to ensure the protection of our nation in this digital age.

During the opening day of GITEX AFRICA, attendees were captivated by the enlightening keynote address delivered by H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti.

Dr. Al KuwaitiPhoto credit: GITEX Africa.

Dr. Al Kuwaiti stressed the significance of cyber security as an integral part of our daily lives. He emphasized that it should not be taken for granted but rather embraced as an essential aspect on which we rely. The establishment and cultivation of a culture of cyber security are paramount to navigating the digital realm effectively. GITEX AFRICA, through its valuable contributions, serves as a catalyst in this endeavor, transforming challenges into opportunities.

The inaugural gathering, which took place from May 31 to June 2, 2023, attracted numerous distinguished figures from across Africa and beyond. These leaders convened to discuss the future of Africa’s technological transformation, inspiring all to safeguard the digital landscape for the betterment of humanity.

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