Patricia Urges Patience and Faith from Customers


In a steadfast display of resilience, Patricia, a prominent Nigerian cryptocurrency marketplace that fell victim to cyberattacks in April 2023, has reassured its loyal customers that it remains committed to weathering the storm together. Despite the ordeal that has lasted nearly three months, the company has released a public announcement declaring its unwavering determination to overcome the challenges.

Following the attack, Patricia had temporarily disabled withdrawals after revealing that the security breach had compromised both BTC and Naira assets. In response, the marketplace swiftly implemented enhanced security measures to fortify its infrastructure and protect its users’ funds. Assuring its clientele, Patricia made it abundantly clear that their assets remain secure and unaffected within their crypto balance.


Throughout this trying period, Patricia has maintained open lines of communication with its users, urging them to exercise patience and trust in the company’s ability to rectify the situation. The platform’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has been exemplified by its collaboration with external companies and security agencies in a collective effort to resolve the matter swiftly and efficiently.

At the forefront of Patricia’s tireless pursuit of a solution is its dedicated CEO, Fejiro Hanu Agbodje. Agbodje has been working diligently day and night to address the challenges faced by the company and restore the marketplace’s full functionality. With an unwavering sense of responsibility towards its customers, Agbodje has made it his mission to ensure that Patricia emerges from this setback stronger and more secure than ever before.

As the Nigerian cryptocurrency market grapples with the aftermath of this cyber breach, Patricia’s commitment to its users and its unyielding spirit shines through. This incident has only served to galvanize the marketplace’s determination to enhance security measures and fortify its position as a trusted platform within the digital currency ecosystem.

While challenges persist, Patricia stands as a symbol of resilience, assuring its customers that it will not waver in its mission to protect their assets and provide them with a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading experience. The company’s unwavering spirit and concerted efforts to rectify the situation are a testament to its dedication to transparency, trust, and customer satisfaction.

As Patricia continues to work diligently behind the scenes, its customers can rest assured that their concerns are being addressed with utmost urgency. By standing strong in the face of adversity, Patricia is poised to emerge as a leader in the Nigerian cryptocurrency market, reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding the interests of its valued users and advancing the adoption of digital assets within the country.

In this challenging period, Patricia’s unwavering commitment to its customers serves as an inspiration to other players in the cryptocurrency industry, reiterating the importance of trust, security, and resilience in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


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