Africa Women of Web3: Fostering Web3 Tech Collaboration


Empowering Women in Web3: AWoW3 Conference 2023 Sparks Innovation and Collaboration

Nanyuki, Kenya, August 25-27, 2023

In a landmark gathering that illuminated the tech horizon, the Africa Women of Web3 (AWoW3) Conference 2023, held at the luxurious Aberdare Prestige & Royal Cottages in Nanyuki, Kenya, was a resounding success. From August 25 to 27, the #awow3conference23 convened formidable women in the tech industry, fervent web3 enthusiasts, visionary entrepreneurs, and diverse delegates who united to explore the vast possibilities of the Web3 universe.

Welcoming the Future with Web3

The conference commenced with a glamorous cocktail party that set the stage for profound networking and camaraderie. Attendees were treated to a captivating performance by the renowned Kevin Wyre, adding an artistic flair to the event. This evening of celebration marked the inception of meaningful connections and collaborations, reinforcing the importance of unity in fostering progress in the Web3 domain.

Africa Women of Web3: Fostering Web3 Tech Collaboration

Keynote Insights on Web3 Empowerment

Day 2 of the conference witnessed illuminating keynote speeches delivered by distinguished figures in the field. Thina Tembani, CA (SA), M Phil, enlightened the audience on “How to Get Involved in Web3 as a Woman. Her address delved into navigating challenges, sharing experiences, and celebrating successes, resonating with wisdom and insight. She emphasised the limitless potential of Web3, highlighting the significance of women’s contributions and the symbiotic relationship between empowerment and technology..

The Thrill of Treasure Hunting

One of the highlights of the conference was a thrilling treasure hunt that brought out the competitive spirit in all participants. This engaging activity not only added an element of fun but also promoted teamwork and collaboration.

Breaking Barriers and Forging Paths

The conference featured illuminating panel discussions that unveiled the unique journeys of women pioneers and frontiers in Web3. Speakers Sonya Kuhnel, Sarah Idahosa, Tracey Bowen, Karina Chaires, and Alice Anangi openly shared their experiences and discussed the challenges stemming from gender dynamics. Strategies for overcoming obstacles, achieving professional growth, spotlighting successes, fostering collaborative initiatives, and promoting diversity within the Web3 realm were unveiled.

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AWoW3: Fueling Innovation and Web3 Empowerment

Entrepreneurial Insights for Web3 Success

Another enlightening panel, “Investing and Entrepreneurship in Web3,” featured Nelly Chatue-Diop, Nadja Bester, Elizabeth Ndungu, Shantnoo Saxsena, Avhit Bij, and was moderated by Thina Tembani CA(SA), M Phil. This session provided invaluable guidance for women entrepreneurs seeking success in the dynamic world of Web3. Attendees gained insights into monetization, ethical considerations, securing funding, and navigating the ever-evolving Web3 entrepreneurship landscape.

Personal Growth and Brand Building

“Personal Growth and Building a Brand” offered tips and tricks for establishing a strong, authentic brand that resonates both within and beyond the Web3 community. Panellists Tammy Francis, Ph.D., Samke S. Mhlongo, Ida Nganga, and moderator Sheila Waswa shared invaluable insights on crafting a brand that stands out in the ever-expanding Web3 ecosystem.

Fireside Chat: Circle and the Web3 Landscape

A captivating fireside chat featuring Alice Anangi and Sandra Persing from Circle explored the critical role of diversity and inclusivity in shaping the Web3 landscape. The conversation underscored how these elements are instrumental in steering the course of Web3 innovation and development.

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Africa Women of Web3: United Women Leading in Web3

An Unforgettable Safari Adventure

On the concluding day of the conference, attendees embarked on a captivating game drive. This adventure not only marked the end of an extraordinary event but also the beginning of lasting friendships, as participants forged connections that would undoubtedly shape the future of Web3.

The Africa Women of Web3 Conference 2023, #awow3conference23, was a testament to the indomitable spirit of women in technology. It ignited inspiration, fostered innovation, and paved the way for a future where women continue to be at the forefront of Web3’s evolution. As the sun set on this remarkable event, it cast a bright glow on the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of Web3, thanks to the vision, determination, and unity of the women who gathered in Nanyuki, Kenya.

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