Decentralised Intelligence Summit: A Tech Milestone in Africa


Decentralised Intelligence Summit 2023: A Resounding Success Shaping the Future of Technology in Africa

The curtains have drawn to a close on the highly anticipated Decentralised Intelligence Summit 2023, an event that has left an indelible mark on the global tech landscape. Hosted by the Blockchain Nigeria User Group, this two-day extravaganza unfolded at the prestigious Civic Centre on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, on August 25–26, 2023.

Day One: A Triumph of Enthusiasm and Expertise

Day One of the summit was nothing short of electrifying. With over 500 attendees converging from far and wide, the event kicked off with a palpable energy that set the tone for an unforgettable experience. Blockchain startups, technology visionaries, and even government officials all came together, brimming with innovative ideas and contributions, forming a formidable synergy aimed at propelling the blockchain revolution forward.

NODO at the Decentralised Intelligence Summit 2023

The air was charged with excitement as participants delved into discussions on the future of decentralised technologies. They explored the possibilities of blockchain, Web3, and artificial intelligence as the transformative forces shaping our world today. The passion was contagious, igniting conversations that promise to resonate long after the summit’s end.

Day Two: A Glimpse into the Future

Day Two promised even more, and it delivered. The schedule overflowed with hands-on workshops, insightful panel discussions, and engaging investor roundtables. Here’s a glimpse into what unfolded:

Panellists Explore Web3 Technology Solutions: The brightest minds in tech came together to dissect the intricacies of Web3, offering fresh perspectives on how this technology is reshaping our digital landscape.

Exploring Different Approaches to Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling (Technical): This technical deep dive left no stone unturned, showcasing innovative solutions to scale Ethereum and unlock new possibilities.

Workshops: The workshops were a treasure trove of knowledge. From Web3 development to AI prompt engineering, and from building with CELO to the technical mastery of key elements, participants had the opportunity to expand their skillsets under the guidance of industry experts.

Investor Roundtable: The investor roundtable was a convergence of capital and innovation. NODO, Emurgo Africa, Adaverse, and Green Flare engaged in discussions that will undoubtedly influence investment decisions in the blockchain space.

As the Decentralised Intelligence Summit 2023 came to a close, it was evident that this event had achieved something remarkable. It had brought together dreamers and doers, thinkers and creators, all united by a shared vision of a decentralized future. The blockchain revolution in Africa has taken a giant leap forward, with the promise of democratised technology, financial inclusion, and endless possibilities.

The success of this summit goes beyond its geographical boundaries. It resonates as a global testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the boundless potential of technology. The Decentralised Intelligence Summit 2023 has not just shaped the future of technology in Africa; it has added a pivotal chapter to the ongoing story of global technological transformation.

In the heart of Lagos, the world witnessed the birth of new ideas, new connections, and a new era in technology. As the sun sets on this extraordinary event, the future shines brighter than ever—decentralised and full of promise.

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