Binance Charity gives VSLAs in Kenya’s Siaya County the tools they need to promote greater financial inclusion.


As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, continues to improve life on the continent by providing financial support and basic business education, its name is starting to become well-known in most African communities.

Thousands of underprivileged villagers in the Siaya county of Kenya have been assisted by the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), a group of independent professionals, in accessing and managing their own basic financial services. Despite its many achievements, VSLA still confronts obstacles in achieving its primary objective of serving the public.

According to Mr. John Ondago of VSLA, the Binance Charity Project has assisted in educating VSLA members on how to manage their finances, access loans, use them responsibly, and repay them, as well as how to grow their shareholdings.

A vendor for the Binance project named Mrs. Margaret Ogare describes how the arrival of Binance Charity team in her community was divine as she recounts how the project helped her business transition from bankruptcy to stability. Margaret was in charge of providing the medication, the chicken, and the animal feed. Other Binance project vendors, such as Mr. Stephen Mordecai, described how he provided chairs and tents for the project and was paid by the VSLA women via their cryptocurrency wallets.

With several initiatives aimed at fostering community growth and reducing poverty, the Binance footprint in Africa is becoming more and more apparent. In addition to providing free community education, trading, convenient methods to pay for products and services, and charitable support, Binance is helping many Africans in a variety of other ways as well.

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