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  • Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
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Africa needs widespread awareness and strict rules on how to identify and combat well-structured sponzi or pyramid schemes targeting the continent’s common people, as the continent represents a sizable market in the new wave of startups in fintech and digital marketing, as well as the current shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

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The new year’s cross-over night in Rwanda, December 31, 2022, was not well observed by many who made significant investments in the Cavallon pyramid scheme. A business that claimed to have been registered with the Rwandan Development Board with a dubious certificate and a date of registration of January 6, 2021, and issuance on October 11, 2022, under the name of Mr. Gloire Mizero and an address in Rusororo, Gasabo-Kigali, as well as a Rwandan ID No: 1199680229155182, was successful in persuading thousands of locals to invest in the business.

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RDB Certificate issued for advertising purposes .

CryptoAfricaNow (CAN) looks at the planning behind the scheme. First, it appears that the creators of the advertising network that promised to pay investors for viewing Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube videos are hiding outside of Rwanda and employing a native Rwandan to represent the company to the public. They created a WhatsApp group using duplicate MTN phone numbers. You cannot send texts, make calls, or receive calls using these numbers. Only early investors who serve as top recruiters could be reached by phone with their registered numbers; other duplicated numbers were solely for WhatsApp assistance.

Cavallon platform.

Cavallon Ltd did not provide the general public with any observable products or services. They exploited the fact that platforms like YouTube, Facebook Instagram, and TikTok pay substantially for views, likes, and comments on content producers’ creations—and that the same content creators frequently advertise on the Cavallon platform to increase views—to persuade the locals. This seems to be the case, but the biggest “red flag” is when Cavallon pays more per watch than what they could receive from Google, TikTok, or Facebook. Where then do they acquire the cash to pay investors?

With a minimum administration fee of 22,000 RWF for bronze, 65,000 RWF for silver, 130,000 RWF for gold, 220,000 RWF for platinum, and 650,000 RWF for diamond, Cavallon Ltd deceives investors. The welcome registration bonus is 500 RWF, or about 0.47 dollars. Platinum receives fantastic benefits, such as 25,970 RWF per day for watching videos; however, this didn’t persist for three months as the company’s site went down and WhatsApp groups deleted on December 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. Rwandan time.

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The End!

Send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment below with information about comparable ventures taking place in Africa. Keep Africa risk-free from scam projects.

Ndasi Tata

Ndasi Tata is a Cameroonian-born Bitcoin entrepreneur and former state journalist. He earned an M.Sc from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus in Blockchain and Digital Currency. He uses a variety of social media channels to promote his ideas and projects , and he's a major proponent of Bitcoin in Africa.

4 thoughts on “After successfully stealing millions from Rwandan investors, the “Cavallon” digital marketing pyramid scheme vanishes.”
  1. Thanks a million for this article. We need to save the continent from scavengers and protect our people with the right mindset.

  2. Hey guys , thanks for posting that thing. Me also I am a victim lost a lot of money. I will get to you in contact tomorrow when I’m in my office. So I am also an IT guy. The website is not closed , it’s only blocked because they targeting next year another 5 African countries and also I will report them tomorrow because they didn’t clean their database. So I will probably be able to see how many victims we have here in Rwanda and how much money was stolen. Keep that as a secret before I got all infos. And let’s talk tomorrow how we can prevent this happening again in other countries . My name is Andy from Germany but currently working at TV1 Rwanda since 8 years . Email: [email protected]

  3. There are many genuine businesses that people should get involved in
    Which are Blockchain oriented.

    Those pyramid schemes will always sweep people’s money.

    But on my side I don’t blame much those who bring such businesses,

    I blame those who join what they don’t understand following get quick rich schemes.

    If Africans join platforms like Binance and they learn how to do business individually with crypto trading,

    No one can scam them anymore

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