Colouring the Township: Bitcoin Dada and Ekasi’s Satoshi Artistry in Mossel Bay


Mossel Bay Township Goes Crypto! Bitcoin Dada & Ekasi Ignite Digital Currency Revolution

In the heart of Mossel Bay’s vibrant township, the Bitcoin Dada team, led by the visionary Lorraine Marcel, ignited a digital currency revolution on January 29, partnering with the groundbreaking Bitcoin Ekasi initiative. Their mission? To transform Mossel Bay into a hub for a circular Bitcoin economy, fostering financial inclusion and empowering local businesses.

Bitcoin Dada, founded by the dynamic Lorraine Marcel, envisions a future where African women thrive in a secure and inclusive space to learn about Bitcoin. The organisation has been tirelessly working to raise awareness about the potential of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem within communities, with a particular focus on Africa.

Satoshi’s Influence: Bitcoin Dada and Ekasi Craft Mossel Bay Township’s Narrative

The collaborative efforts reached a pinnacle as the Bitcoin Dada team immersed themselves in the Bitcoin Ekasi Centre, strategically located in Mossel Bay. This non-profit organisation is a beacon of hope, aiming to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem where Bitcoin becomes an integral part of everyday transactions, akin to traditional currency.

One of Bitcoin Ekasi’s primary objectives is to encourage local businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment. The initiative goes beyond financial transactions, actively engaging with residents to impart financial literacy and highlight the myriad advantages of adopting Bitcoin. The goal is clear – to empower marginalised communities, fuel economic development, and bridge the gap through financial inclusion.

What sets Bitcoin Ekasi apart is its dual role as an educational centre and hub for outreach programmes. Since its establishment in October 2022, the Community Centre has been instrumental in providing financial literacy, basic math, and English skills to the youth and budding entrepreneurs. The center’s proactive engagement with the younger generation, exemplified by the “Lekker Feeling” project in collaboration with a local surfing group, underscores the commitment to intertwine Bitcoin education with essential life skills.

Through these initiatives, Bitcoin Ekasi is actively equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to participate in the global economy. It represents a community-driven project that not only innovates in cryptocurrency adoption but also integrates impactful social initiatives. By addressing the digital divide, Bitcoin Ekasi is paving the way for financial empowerment in South Africa.

The recent collaboration with Bitcoin Dada signifies a powerful synergy, combining the vision of Lorraine Marcel for a safe and inclusive space with Bitcoin Ekasi’s commitment to economic development. Together, they are turning Mossel Bay into a stronghold for Bitcoin adoption, symbolised by local shops accepting Bitcoin and township walls adorned with Bitcoin logos—a testament to the burning spirit of the digital currency revolution.

As Bitcoin Dada and Bitcoin Ekasi join forces, their impact reverberates beyond Mossel Bay, radiating a message of empowerment, education, and financial inclusion across Africa. The collaboration not only marks a significant step in the evolution of cryptocurrency but also stands as a beacon of hope for communities seeking a brighter, more financially empowered future.


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