Ice Surprises Again: Launches Snowman Meme Coin After OKX Drama

Snowman Revolution Rises: Ice Unveils Meme Coin with Fair Launch

Ice Network’s SNOW: A Frosty Meme Coin or Strategic Move?

In an unexpected development, the Ice Core team has launched its second cryptocurrency project, Snowman Meme Coin (SNOW), on the Ethereum blockchain. Snowman Meme Coin is being marketed as the official meme coin of the Ice Network’s vibrant decentralised community.

What is the Snowman Meme Coin?

Snowman Meme Coin is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a symbol of the Ice Network’s commitment to decentralisation and community empowerment. The coin’s fair launch on Uniswap, with all tokens unlocked and distributed at a rate of 1 Ethereum for the total supply of 888,888,888,888 SNOW, further underscores this commitment. The smart contract ownership has also been renounced to ensure complete transparency.

Why the Snowman Meme Coin?

With Snowman Meme Coin, the Ice team aims to create a thriving and inclusive community that shares their vision for a decentralised future. The coin represents more than just a digital asset; it’s a symbol of unity and the power of collective action.


Questions and Speculation

This announcement comes just days after the Ice team accused the OKX exchange of potential scam activities. This has led some to question the motives behind the sudden introduction of a meme coin while the Ice Coin project is still in its early stages.

Some speculate that Snowman Meme Coin could function as a strategic liquidity backup for the Ice project. Others wonder if there is any real synergy between the two ventures. The Ice Network team has yet to provide further clarification on this matter.

A Large and Engaged Community

The Ice Network boasts an impressive user base, with over 1.1 million active followers on Telegram, 1.8 million on the X app, and more than half a million on Facebook. The success of the Snowman Meme Coin launch could depend on the active participation and support of this sizable community.

Key Details of Snowman Meme Coin

Rapid Surge in Activity

In less than 4 hours since the announcement, Snowman Meme Coin has seen over 6,545 transfers, involving more than 1,800 token holders. This rapid surge in activity suggests significant interest in the new meme coin.

The Future of Snowman Meme Coin

Only time will tell whether Snowman Meme Coin will be a success. Investors are advised to tread cautiously and keep a close eye on developments. However, the launch of SNOW is a clear indication of the Ice Core team’s commitment to innovation and community building.


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