Ice Coin Exposes SHOCKING Truth About OKX Exchange! Partnership Gone Wrong?

User Uproar: Ice Coin Core Team Accuses OKX Exchange of Failing Commitments

Allegations Surface: Ice Coin Core Team Unhappy with OKX Exchange Partnership, Claims Scam Suspicions

Lagos – Nigeria, January 22, 2024 – The recent listing of ICE coin on the OKX exchange has ignited a contentious dialogue as the Ice Coin Core team brings to light apprehensions surrounding potential partnership issues with OKX. The declaration, made today, follows a surge in complaints from the Ice Coin community, casting a shadow over the perceived integrity of the exchange.

In a meticulously crafted partnership established in December, the Ice Coin team and OKX agreed to list the ICE coin on the exchange. The collaboration was underscored by the esteemed reputation of OKX, featuring an exclusive 5-hour period post-listing during which Ice Coin committed not to list on alternative exchanges. Importantly, no financial transactions or ICE coins were extended to OKX, as the exchange sought Ice Coin based on their confidence in the project’s potential and the robustness of its community.

Antecedent Warning Signs:
The narrative unfolds with OKX’s prior listing of Avive in December. Ice Coin, astutely monitoring the proceedings, identified significant issues, including users encountering difficulty locating Avive through web or mobile searches, coupled with trading restrictions in certain jurisdictions. Swiftly addressing these concerns with OKX, Ice Coin sought assurances that analogous challenges would not mar the unveiling of ICE Coin on the platform.

Strategic Promotions:
In a bid to solidify the partnership, Ice Coin recently endorsed OKX for its extensive user base through its app and various social media channels. Users were actively encouraged to link their accounts with an OKX Exchange wallet address, facilitating the seamless distribution of ICE coins. An extensive marketing campaign further heightened the visibility of the listing across all channels.

Community Discontent:
However, despite the strategic buildup, the aftermath of the ICE coin listing witnessed an upsurge in complaints from the Ice Coin community. Both logged-in and logged-out users reported challenges in locating Ice Coin on the OKX platform. Numerous users received error messages indicating trading restrictions attributed to local compliance, a contradiction to OKX’s earlier assurances. The Chinese community faced additional complexities, including the inaccessibility of ICE for certain users and perplexing responses from OKX support.

Proactive Communication and Alleged Inaction:
In response to the mounting issues, Ice Coin promptly reported concerns to the OKX team. Regrettably, despite proactive engagement, the team expressed disappointment that OKX has yet to implement tangible actions to address or rectify the community’s concerns.

Community Outreach:
To foster transparency and redress concerns, Ice Coin has called upon users experiencing issues to respond to an official tweet, providing specific details, including their OKX ID, country, and evidence of encountered problems. Exemptions have been made for users in certain countries due to OKX restrictions.

As the Ice Coin community navigates unforeseen challenges post-listing, the team assures users of their steadfast commitment to promptly resolving these issues. The unfolding developments cast a spotlight on the reliability of exchanges, emphasising the critical need for vigilant collaboration between blockchain projects and their chosen platforms. As investigations into these allegations evolve, the cryptocurrency community remains captivated, eagerly anticipating the resolution of this unexpected chapter in the Ice Coin-OKX saga.


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