Countdown to Riches: Ice Coin Monthly Distribution Plan Unveiled for 2024!

Ice Network's Bold Move: Transitioning to BNB Smart Chain for Coin Distribution!

Ice Network Core Team Announces Transition to BNB Smart Chain and Monthly Ice Coin Distribution

In the latest development on January 4, 2024, the Ice Network Core Team announced a monumental shift from Ethereum to the high-speed, low-fee world of the BNB Smart Chain for the distribution of Ice coins. This strategic decision comes in response to the resounding feedback from the devoted community of over 2 million miners, who have been vocal about their preference for this transition. The Ice team believes that this move will not only streamline the Ice distribution process but also elevate the overall experience and accessibility for its growing community.

According to the Ice Developer team, for users on OKX Wallet, MetaMask, or Trust Wallet, the transition is seamless, as your existing address is compatible with the BNB Smart Chain. However, for those who wish to make any changes, the Ice mobile app allows you to conveniently update your BNB Smart Chain address. With the latest updates on Ice Coin distribution through external web3 wallets, the partnership with OKX Wallet, the transition to BNB Smart Chain, and the confirmed mainnet launch and listing on October 7, 2024, the number of new miners clamouring to mine free Ice Coins for wealth has doubled. Sign up now to begin mining and accumulate more ice coins for free.

The Ice team has also unveiled a feature on the stats screen that allows users to easily track the total number of Ice coins, including pre-staked and blockchain coins. This transparency aligns with the team’s commitment to keeping the community well-informed.

Total ice coins mined as of January 5, 202427 Billion
Pre-Staked Coins as of January 5, 202419.1 Billion
What is the price of an ice coin (1 ice) in USD? ?

Preparation for BNB Smart Chain Distribution is now in full swing, with the updated Ice app for Android and the web version for iOS facilitating the submission of BNB Smart Chain addresses. This step is critical as it sets the stage for the distribution, scheduled to take place monthly from January to October 7, 2024. Accuracy in providing the BNB Smart Chain address is paramount to ensuring the smooth receipt of Ice coins.

Ice Coin BNB Smart Chain Distribution Plan Unveiled

The eagerly anticipated BNB Smart Chain distribution will unfold monthly, with Ice coin balances being evenly split over the remaining months leading up to the mainnet launch, just 10 months away. To illustrate, if you hold 9,000 Ice coins and the distribution kicks off in January, you will receive an initial distribution of 900 Ice coins, followed by recalculated distributions in the subsequent months.

In another groundbreaking move, the Ice team has recognised the importance of advanced KYC methods in ensuring a smooth mainnet launch. The KYC process has been divided into two steps. KYC Step #1 will require monthly verification to maintain consistent account ownership and uphold the platform’s integrity.

Introducing Social Verification

Today marks the commencement of social verification for users who have successfully cleared KYC Step #1. This involves a straightforward process of reposting a message and verifying your Twitter account within the Ice ecosystem.

Users are given the flexibility to choose engagement or patience. Engaged users who opt for social verification will gain immediate access to the BNB Smart Chain distribution. On the other hand, those choosing to skip engagement can access the KYC Step #2 Quiz after a 28-day waiting period.

The excitement is palpable among Ice’s millions of miners as the project continues to deliver on its promises, fostering a community-centric approach that reflects the team’s dedication to innovation and user satisfaction. The transition to BNB Smart Chain, coupled with the monthly Ice coin distribution and enhanced KYC methods, signifies a new era for Ice, poised for even greater heights in the cryptocurrency landscape.


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