Pi Network Core Team Sets 2024 Mainnet Launch in Motion—What You Need to Know

Accelerating App Development, Migration, and KYC: Pi Network's Action Plan for the Mainnet Launch in 2024

2024 Mainnet Countdown: Pi Network’s Strategic Roadmap Revealed in Exclusive Analysis

In a highly anticipated move, the Pi Network Core Team has disclosed plans to launch its mainnet in 2024, marking a significant milestone for the Pi community, which has been eagerly awaiting this development since the network’s inception in 2019. Despite the undisclosed launch price of 1Pi in USD, Pi is unofficially listed at an impressive $33.7 on some external exchanges, using the “I Owe You” (IOU) protocol. However, deposits on these exchanges remain unavailable until the official mainnet debuts, prompting a resurgence in mining activity among enthusiasts. You can kickstart your mining journey for free by downloading the Pi App.

This momentous announcement is coupled with stringent conditions, outlined in a comprehensive roadmap that details the strategy for the community, developers, and the Core Team leading up to the mainnet launch. Notably, the launch date remains fluid, contingent on meeting three crucial conditions necessitating collaborative efforts from pioneers, community developers, and external factors beyond the Core Team’s control.

Exploring the Three Conditions

Condition 1: Mandates the completion of all open network preparation work, spanning technology, product, business, and legal aspects. The recently unveiled V2 Roadmap provides detailed insights into these milestones, with certain elements strategically kept confidential for security reasons.

Condition 2: Introduces key concepts such as utility creation, migration, and network KYC. According to the Pi Core Team, 10 million Pioneers have successfully migrated to the Mainnet, and 15 million Pioneers have passed KYC, including both fully and provisionally KYC’ed. The community-driven innovation is underscored by the development and approval of 100 authentic Pi apps by community developers.

Condition 3: Serves as a critical determinant in the timing of the Open Network, contingent on the absence of unfavourable external environments that could impede success. The Core Team acknowledges the unpredictable nature of global events and commits to a prudent approach aligned with Pi’s broader vision.

Community Action in Q1 2024: Accelerating KYC and Migration

To expedite the mainnet launch in Q2 2024, the community is urged to focus on two pivotal areas:

Community Mobilization: Recognising the pivotal role of pioneers, active encouragement, re-engagement strategies, and support networks within the community will be critical for participants navigating the KYC process.

Mentorship Programs: Establishing mentorship programs can guide newcomers through the KYC journey, with experienced pioneers ensuring a higher success rate and a more engaged community.

Pi App Development: Fostering Collaboration for Utility

With the development of 100 real Pi apps being a community-driven goal, collaboration is key:

Developer Collaboration: A collaborative platform for developers will encourage the sharing of ideas and resources, fostering innovation and ensuring a diverse range of applications.

Core Team Support: Developers are encouraged to actively seek support from the Core Team in technical, product, design, and program aspects to enhance the quality of their apps.

Challenges Tied to the Third Condition: Navigating the Global Landscape

While gearing up for action, the community is advised to be mindful of challenges tied to the third condition:

Macroeconomic Crises: Economic downturns could impact Pi’s launch, necessitating adaptability and resilience from the community.

Legal and Regulatory Developments: The dynamic regulatory environment poses challenges, and unexpected legal developments could lead to strategic adjustments and potential delays.

Industry Uncertainties: Market dynamics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are subject to rapid changes, requiring the community and Core Team to navigate uncertainties.

Unforeseeable External Factors: Events like pandemics or global crises are beyond control, demanding a cautious approach to protect the community’s hard work.

As the Pi Network community eagerly anticipates the mainnet launch in 2024, a collaborative effort in Q2 is deemed crucial. Pioneers and developers alike must seize the opportunity to accelerate KYC, migration, and app development, remaining mindful of global challenges. This journey towards the Open Network in 2024 not only embodies Pi’s vision but also demonstrates the community’s resilience in navigating the intricate landscape of the evolving digital frontier.


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