PAU Students Gain Valuable Insights on Blockchain Education from Emurgo.


EMURGO Middle East and Africa’s Co-CEO, Shogo Ishida, recently paid a visit to Pan Atlantic University (PAU), a prestigious higher education institution located in Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The purpose of his visit was to enlighten students about the significant role of blockchain technology in addressing various social challenges across Africa, spanning from the financial system to the creation of identification solutions that can contribute to enhancing the region’s economic prosperity.

The interaction between Shogo Ishida and the students was highly commendable, as the attendees displayed a genuine interest in gaining a deeper understanding of how blockchain technology can be effectively utilized. They actively participated in a Q&A session, bombarding the speakers with insightful questions.

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Co-CEO, Shogo Ishida.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout of students on campus, signifying the immense enthusiasm surrounding the topic. EMURGO Africa, serving as the regional division of EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA), stands as a dedicated entity focused on the Middle East and Africa, representing the foundational institution of Cardano blockchain.

EMURGO Africa plays a crucial role in investing in and partnering with African enterprises, startups, and accelerators. Their primary objective is to foster the development of socially impactful solutions utilizing Cardano’s cutting-edge third-generation blockchain technology, which not only holds great potential but also prioritizes environmental sustainability.

In summary, Shogo Ishida’s visit to Pan Atlantic University served as an excellent opportunity for students to delve into the transformative power of blockchain technology. The engagement displayed by the attendees further reinforces the growing interest and recognition of blockchain’s capacity to address pressing social issues across Africa. EMURGO Africa’s commitment to investing in local enterprises and cultivating impactful solutions on Cardano’s sustainable blockchain underscores their dedication to driving positive change in the region.

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