The demand for NBO tokens increases as AI-Marketing plans the withdrawal of cashbacks on July 5, 2022, after 8 months’ excuses.


Are cashback aggregators truly paying for “AI-Marketing” services? If so, why has AI-Marketing delayed investors’ money? And if not, there’s no hope for a comeback.

Hundreds of thousands of investors who put their money into an online cashback company known as AI-Marketing are having sleepless nights praying to see another new day of withdrawal after the company stopped payments of cashback earned from cashback aggregators to its investors on October 26, 2021. 

AI-Marketing, which claims to be a registered company in Hong Kong under the name Waxford Alliance Limited, 2531493 is an online advertising company that combines marketing and artificial intelligence. The company uses MarketBot to attract customers to large partner companies such as Microsoft, Lacoste, Adidas, Kapersky, Walmart, Alibaba, eBay, etc.—these companies pay commissions (cashback) to AI Marketing.

AI-MARKETING guaranteed an average monthly profit to its investors that ranges from 35% to 90%, and with the outbreak of COVID-19 and several lockdowns and closures of businesses, people turned to the company massively to double their little savings to survive.

The company had maintained trust with its over half a million investors despite several setbacks and temporary closures within these periods of 3 years, paying huge referral bonuses to partners with its personal token called NBO, which can be bought and exchanged on its p2p exchange Billions of NBO tokens have been sold in the last three years.

Today, it’s a new challenge that has put the company in the middle of the sea for the last 8 months, forcing some investors to suspect the company as a scam. The company has predicted several failed withdrawal dates and organised several virtual meetings with a certain Eugene, but all have failed to put smiles on the faces of investors. 

A recent predicted withdrawal month, June-july, is gradually fading away. The meeting scheduled for today, June 20, 2022 at 9 p.m., was postponed to July 5, 2022. Despite all these, there’s a huge demand for NBO tokens at ineuroexchange by Russian investors trying to redeem the bonuses at the section. This move predicts the company could announce withdrawal at the next meeting on July 5, 2022.

Tell us about your experience with AI-MARKETING.


  1. It has been wonderful experience with since I registered with them, the Robot has worked perfectly fine, unlike other networking business, is one of the best. I’ve withdrawn five times my gain and the Robot has been working and making money for me. The only problem we have is the withdrawal problem except that remain the best among many.

  2. After 1.5 years as a member, I can say that AI Marketing is one of, if not the best affiliate marketing systems on the net. As far as your article .. you need to gain the proper numbers and information as the wrong things that are reported make it look like the research you did was lacking. Firstly you state that Wexford Alliance CALIMS to be registered in Hing Kong as the parent company. 1) the company name was misspelled in your article. It is WEXFORD . NOT WAXFORD. Second .. a search of the Hong Kong business registry database and other corporate search sites shows that indeed they are registered since 2017. So it is not a claim but a fact.

    Also AIM does NOT guarantee anything. However the numbers you state for returns are different from the numbers they publish. They state that the returns would be from 25-35% per month, not the 35-90% claimed. Although the sales realized have been gaining the higher %’s.

    The hiccup that did indeed start Oct 26 last year was causes my a screw up on AIM’s part trying to add to the methods of withdrawals they offer. They tried to add withdrawals to be sent to credit and debit cards. This was indeed a mistake and it took a while to get that sorted and fixed.
    The other challenges being faced are beyond AIM’s control and are a direct result of the war with Russia and Ukraine.
    The agregators requiring verification of the accounts AIM has with them ( over 10,000) have to all be audited and proven there are no Russian connections as per sanctions imposed by governments.

    So the blame for that can only be put on the aggregators (the companies hired to send out the affiliate sites on the members behalf) because they seem to be dragging their feet with the process. AIM has indicated all paperwork they need to send has been sent and the ball is now in The agregators court. And those agregators requiring the verifications are holding AIM’s money until the process is complete. AIM cannot be blamed for this and are patiently waiting for it to get sorted.

    Yes, Withdrawals have been in hold since Oct 26. But they would have resumes much faster if the agregators did their job and processed the verifications necessary to resume operations.

    Are the members holding about 4 MILLION accounts (members can hold more than one account if they choose) happy about this? Not at all. What we DO see is the parts of the site are indeed working and getting caught up because of the delay.

    We will find out more information as to where they are on Tuesday the 5 July. As that is the next scheduled meeting with the leadership.
    The reason we are all still waiting is because IF they were going to do a rug pull, it would have happened already.

    Maybe you ought to do a little more research on what is actually happening rather than only reporting ½ the story and getting even parts of that wrong.

    Create a great day.

    • Good morning, Mr. Stone Age.
      Thank you very much for your feedback and brilliant words of advice. We have learned a lot from your feedback and promise to do better. 
      God Bless You!


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