Africa’s Crypto Triumph: IFF2023’s Impactful Event


Africa’s FinTech Revolution: A Lifetime Opportunity in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Ecosystem

As the world enters the vibrant month of July, CAN News delves into one of Africa’s most significant crypto events in June—the remarkable Inclusive FinTech Forum (IFF) hosted in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda. This illustrious gathering brought together a plethora of distinguished individuals, including policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, ministers, influential tech pioneers, and even presidents. Their mission: to chart a course for the future of Africa’s tech industry. Among the many riveting discussions that took place, one particular theme stood out—exploring the potential of “Digital Currency and Blockchain Ecosystem” as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revolutionize traditional finance.

Under the banner of IFF2023, renowned speakers congregated to explore the captivating topic, “Is This a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Leapfrog Traditional Finance?” The insights and visions shared by these eminent minds provided invaluable perspectives on the matter.


Echeme Emole, Founder of Afropolitan, eloquently articulated, “Crypto is indeed a store of value, and that, in itself, is an invaluable use case. But beyond that, lies the true essence—the freedom to conduct global transactions seamlessly.”

Iris Du, Head of Africa at Binance, reiterated the potential of blockchain technology to uplift lives in Africa today. Emphasizing the power of this transformative tech, she highlighted the myriad ways in which it can positively impact people’s daily lives.

Stephen Richardson, the astute Managing Director of Financial Markets and Head of APAC at Fireblocks, affirmed the readiness of blockchain technology. He advocated for the tokenization of assets and the creation of digital IDs, asserting that the technology is poised for these revolutionary shifts, though regulatory frameworks are yet to catch up fully.


Brooks Entwistle, the esteemed Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Ripple, wisely warned against overregulation in the space. He emphasized the presence of groundbreaking innovations and urged for a delicate balance between nurturing innovation and establishing necessary regulations.

The Inclusive FinTech Forum 2023 has undoubtedly left a profound mark on Africa’s burgeoning tech landscape. It served as a beacon of hope and a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration among key stakeholders to pave the way for a brighter digital future on the African continent. As the sun sets on June’s accomplishments and July unfolds its possibilities, the momentum generated by the IFF is sure to catalyze remarkable progress and propel Africa towards embracing a digital financial frontier with open arms.


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