Women’s Entrepreneurship Soars: Bootcamp Breakthrough


Triumph at #SheTechsTheFuture Bootcamp as Ugandan Female Founders Emerge Victorious

Uganda bore witness to a groundbreaking event on June 30, 2023, as the #SheTechsTheFuture bootcamp unfolded, leaving behind a trail of resounding success and empowerment.

Over fifteen exceptional female founders embarked on a transformative journey, immersing themselves in an enlightening experience that broadened their horizons and enriched their understanding of crucial business aspects. Throughout the bootcamp, they delved deep into the intricacies of selecting the most fitting business models, precisely identifying their target audience, mastering the art of sales and marketing strategies, navigating legal complexities, honing their product development skills, and so much more.

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The impact of this bootcamp has been nothing short of life-changing for all the participants involved, empowering them with newfound knowledge and igniting their entrepreneurial spirits.

But the journey does not end here. To ensure sustained growth and support, each team has been thoughtfully paired with dedicated mentors, whose guidance will help these budding entrepreneurs translate their acquired wealth of knowledge into tangible results.

As we bid them farewell for now, we eagerly anticipate their highly anticipated demo day, which awaits in a few months. On this momentous occasion, these remarkable women will showcase the immense progress they have made, proudly demonstrating their honed skills and groundbreaking projects.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the invaluable coaches and industry experts who played a pivotal role in shaping these ambitious minds: Bonita Beatrice Nanziri, Matthias Möbius, Laura Althaus, Timothy Maenda CPA, Esther Beatrice Nafula, Elisha Olukanni, Vaolah Amumpaire, Maria Nabaliisa Katumba, and Grace Babirye.

The #SheTechsTheFuture bootcamp has proven that when women are given the opportunity and support they deserve, they can indeed shape the future and create a world where innovation knows no boundaries.

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