Marathon Digital keeps on mining despite BTC price slump


Earlier this month, Marathon said it has been accumulating or “hodling” its Bitcoin since October 2020. As of June 1, 2022, the firm held approximately 9,941 BTC

Despite data showing that the Bitcoin (BTC) price may have fallen to the point of being unprofitable for the average miner, Marathon Digital Holdings says it will continue working to accumulate the leading crypto asset.

Charlie Schumacher, vice president of corporate communications at Marathon Digital, told Cointelegraph on Wednesday that while the company “isn’t immune to the macro environment,” it is “fairly well insulated and well-positioned” to weather the current downturn, due to the low cost of operations and fixed pricing for power

“For reference, in Q1 2022, our cost to produce a Bitcoin was approximately $6,200. We also have fixed pricing for power, so we are not subject to changes in the energy markets.”

Schumacher added that the company has been more focused on its Bitcoin production and the accumulation of the crypto asset, with the belief that the asset will continue to appreciate in the long run.

“Because we report our financials in USD, the price of Bitcoin will always have a material impact on our financial results. To objectively evaluate our progress internally, we try to focus more on our Bitcoin production. It’s important to bear in mind that Bitcoin mining is a zero-sum game,” he added:

“Granted, that Bitcoin is worth less in terms of dollars at the time it is mined, but if you believe in Bitcoin’s ability to appreciate in the long-run, earning more BTC is never a bad thing.”

In a June 9 statement, Marathon said it has been accumulating or hodling its Bitcoin and has not sold any since October 2020. As of June 1, 2022, Marathon held approximately 9,941 BTC, which is worth around  $200 million at current prices.

Keep on mining

In fact, Schumacher made the point that as the price of Bitcoin declines, so does the number of people that can continue to mine profitably, which will force inefficient miners out and also decrease the difficulty of mining new blocks: