NODO Grants offer a lifeline to struggling African web3 startups.


In the past year, Africa has experienced a surge in web3 startups, although the majority of these ventures have unfortunately collapsed within the first quarter of their inception. This failure is often attributed to a lack of funding and technical expertise, among other factors.

However, NODO, a Pan African Web3 Discovery and News Service, has taken a proactive approach to addressing this issue by creating a platform that provides African web3 startups with equal opportunities to apply for NODO Grants. These grants are aimed at empowering startups in Africa to succeed with their projects and bridge the gap that has caused many promising ventures to fail.

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Chuta Chimezie, a noted figure in the blockchain community as the Founder of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Ecosystem Head of Adaverse, and expert on NODO Grants, has recently welcomed additional Web3 applicants to apply for grants of up to $25,000.

Since their introduction, the NODO Grants have already helped numerous web3 startups, while many others have applied for them. The grants are open to all applicants, whether they have pre-launch ideas or already launched MVP products. To be eligible, submissions must undergo a verification process to be listed on NODO Discover, where users can then vote for their preferred project to win the grants.

The evaluation process is based on six metrics and is conducted by a panel of NODO Grants experts. This ensures a fair and unbiased selection process for all potential applicants.

The challenges faced by web3 startups are many, and funding is often a critical factor in determining their success. Therefore, the NODO Grants are essential in empowering African web3 startups and providing them with the necessary resources to bring their ideas to fruition. Our reporter, Ursula Bih, takes a closer look at these challenges and the importance of this funding initiative.

Limited access to funding : Access to funding is one of the major challenges faced by African startups, particularly those in the web3 industry. Venture capitalists and angel investors are often hesitant to invest in African startups due to perceived risks associated with investing in emerging markets. This lack of funding makes it difficult for these startups to scale their operations, develop new products and services, and hire top talent.

Lack of infrastructure : The lack of reliable and affordable infrastructure in many African countries also poses a challenge for web3 startups. This includes limited access to reliable internet connectivity, which can hinder their ability to conduct business online and develop web3 applications.

Regulatory challenges : Regulatory challenges are another significant issue that web3 startups face in Africa. Many African countries lack clear regulations around web3 technologies, which can create legal uncertainties for startups and limit their ability to raise funds or operate effectively.

Skills gap : There is a significant skills gap in the web3 industry in Africa, particularly when it comes to blockchain development and other technical skills. This makes it difficult for startups to find and hire qualified talent, which can slow down their growth and limit their ability to innovate.

Lack of mentorship and support : Many web3 startups in Africa also struggle with a lack of mentorship and support from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. This can limit their ability to learn from others and access the resources they need to succeed.

Overall, these financial difficulties can make it challenging for web3 startups in Africa to compete with their counterparts in other regions, limiting their potential impact and growth. The NODO Grants is a blessing to many young African entrepreneurs in the field of web3 and the blockchain technology.

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