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  • Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Swan Bitcoin CEO against crypto lenders: Users are way under-compensated for the risk

The CEO of Swan Bitcoin, Cory Klippsten, criticizes Celsius Network and other centralized crypto lending platforms, warning of possible market contagion.

Old-school photographers grapple with NFTs: New world, new rules

Buy Bitcoin or start mining? HashWorks CEO points to ‘attractive investment yield’ in BTC mining

Bear markets are for building, which is exactly why HashWorks CEO Todd Esse says BTC’s current pricing presents an opportunity for retail investors and industrial mining companies.

Voyager Digital cuts withdrawal amount as 3AC contagion ripples through DeFi and CeFi

Traders brace for more bad news after headlines revealed that Voyager Digital had lent $655 million to Three Arrows Capital. Is another crypto market sell-off on the way?

‘Foolish’ to deny Bitcoin price can go under $10K — Analysis

Investors need a plan to cater for every eventuality, as analysts still focus on $16,000 as a downside target.

DEX protocol dYdX to build its own blockchain

Decentralized exchange platform dYdX has announced plans to build a standalone blockchain, according to details the Ethereum Layer-2 protocol shared on Wednesday. dYdX, one of the largest crypto derivatives platforms…

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