Cassava Network Stuns Lagos with an Exquisite Mixer for Partners and Brands.


Cassava Network Delights Partners and Brands at Lagos Mixer.

Lagos, Nigeria – Over the weekend of May 6, 2023, Cassava Network, the esteemed pan-African blockchain infrastructure network, hosted a remarkable partner and community mixer. The exclusive event, held in Lagos, aimed to bring together esteemed partners and brands that utilize the platform, providing them with an enjoyable evening of networking and connection.

A selection of prominent participants graced the occasion, including BoundlessPay, Vibra, Carry1st, Gamic Guild, and many other esteemed names in the industry. Attendees were treated to a captivating web of entertaining games by Play2Learn, with the added bonus of receiving stablecoin rewards.


The event commenced with an introduction from Cassava Network’s Community Manager, Sarah Idahosa, who eloquently highlighted Cassava’s value proposition to partners. Obenze Benjamin, Cassava’s Business Development Associate, then took the stage, delivering an informative presentation on the intricate workings of the Cassava ecosystem. Benjamin elaborated on the platform’s mechanisms, including the CB Coins rewards model, the OATs rewards system, and its pivotal role in onboarding Africans into the revolutionary Web3 landscape. Notable figures present at the event included Harrison Obiefule, Head of Marketing, Ijidolapo Ijiwoye, Business Development Manager, and Emmanuel Odunowo, Head of Design.

Cassava Network stands tall as one of Africa’s fastest-growing blockchain companies, fueled by its unwavering commitment to community development projects and widespread blockchain education across the continent. With an impressive seed capital exceeding $8 million, the platform boasts a multitude of opportunities, complete with rewarding programs for both platform users and developers. Join the Cassava Network today to revel in these advantageous benefits, which offer prompt payments and straightforward tasks.

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