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  • Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

Fidel Makatia, a young developer advocate from Kenya, attends the Autodesk University event in New Orleans.

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Fidel Makatia, a 2015–2021 Kenyatta University BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, is spurring fresh electrical innovation in his native Kenya.

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The young developer and innovator has been chosen to attend the Autodesk University bootcamp for this year 2022 in New Orleans, United States. He is praised for having inspired a team of 15 students to develop the first locally designed and developed ventilator in Kenya.

AU-2022 is a chance to learn from and network with business leaders who are advancing media and entertainment, engineering, construction, design, and architecture.

This year, driving digital transformation, constructing resilience through sustainability, and cloud-based solutions are important themes to consider in order to better your business.

In his three days of learning at Autodesk University, Fidel interacted with thousands of innovators and technical professionals using advanced machine learning, and he expressed his tremendous joy and enthusiasm about it.

Are you an African digital innovator? You can register for the event in 2023 and learn more by visiting the Autodesk University website.

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