Africa’s largest Tech Summit is hosted in Enugu, Nigeria, by well-known Nollywood actor, Williams Uchemba.


Experts are discussing every possibility to keep Africa going and end poverty as the desire for and appetite for new tech business options grows in the continent.

More than 24,000 attendees at the Enugu tech summit.

Williams Uchemba, a Nigerian-born Actor, organized one of the largest tech events on the continent on September 28, 2022, in Enugu, South Eastern Nigeria, with more than 24,000 attendees, the majority of whom were young people.

The Enugu tech and entrepreneurial summit was the first of its kind, and thousands of tech enthusiasts and aspiring business owners benefited not only from the knowledge they gained but also from financial grants, 100 training scholarships worth N1.7 million each, and the distribution of thousands of free laptops to support their ventures.

The Williams Uchemba Foundation (WUF) organized the event with the help of businesses like Genesys, FactoryOne, The Eldov Group, XEND Finance, Veemost, buildspace, and Adam Adarcrom in order to increase young people’s self-assurance when approaching potential employers, inspire them to come up with business ideas and marketing plans, and help them develop the technical skills required to work in the contemporary tech industry.

Among the professionals, experts, and keynote speakers are Mr. Ugochukwo Aronu (Co-founder/CEO, Xend, Wicrypt, Ogwugo), Dr. Peter Mbah (CEO, Pinnacle Oil & Gas), and others. There were many people in attendance, including Mr. Collins Ndukwe (Senior Engineering Program Manager, Google USA), Mrs. Napa Onwusah (Google, Microsoft, and Visa), Mr. Oke Eze, and a number of others.

Nigeria has one of Africa’s largest economies and is home to some of the continent’s richest industrialists. More aspiring business owners in the nation have been trained thanks to this summit.

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