AI Marketing: Investors will mourn a year-long income drought on October 26, 2022. Does domain auto-extension through 2023 have a chance of a comeback ?


Just a few weeks from now, investors in the cashback project that stopped making payments on October 26, 2021, will bemoan a 12-month income lull. The project is known as AI-Marketing.

Investors’ patience for a long-awaited return of the company’s full operation in Africa is starting to wear thin as many have abandoned the project and labeled it as an AI-planned scam due to the company’s muted communication channels and the unknown whereabouts of a certain Mr. Eugene, the chief executive and commentator of AI Marketing.

When asked about the likelihood of the company’s reappearance in a survey of investors from Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Burundi, Uganda, and Senegal, most responded to CryptoAfricaNow(CAN) that they had given up on the project in favor of something else because worrying about financial loss could worsen their mental health. Others reported to have lost their login information.

On October 8, 2022, the company’s domain name,, was set to expire. Many claimed that the company had ceased operations and would not renew its website DNS. Other investors from AI Marketing Telegram discussion groups base their investment hopes on the domain renewal premise whether they believe the company will make a comeback by renewing the domain .

Our inquiry reveals that, in contrast to the millions of dollars that AI Marketing owes its clients, the company’s DNS was set to automatically renew, and the cost was less than 1,850 US dollars.

Has AI marketing disappeared or not? Please share your opinions about this with us.

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