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  • Cryptocurrency start-ups advertise on billboards in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cryptocurrency start-ups advertise on billboards in Nairobi, Kenya.

The adoption of bitcoin by the majority of African States is not too far-fetched given that most countries are gradually realizing the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to strengthen their…

John Oseni, a 16-year-old Nigerian coder, explains on the “TEDxJibowu” event how all of his current jobs came from referrals.

An 16-year-old Nigerian software engineer named John Oseni, who works in the fields of Web3, mobile, blockchain, and cyber security, tells the TEDxJibowu audience about how he got his start…

Fidel Makatia, a young developer advocate from Kenya, attends the Autodesk University event in New Orleans.

Fidel Makatia, a 2015–2021 Kenyatta University BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, is spurring fresh electrical innovation in his native Kenya. The young developer and innovator has been chosen to…

An objective review of

Paxful is a digital wallet service and a peer-to-peer exchange, which has users in almost 200 countries and supports more than 450 payment methods to purchase Bitcoin. It is a much-needed…

Ethereum falls 9% as risk-on assets tumble on Fed Chair remarks

Ethereum (ETH) price fell alongside other cryptocurrencies and equities following hawkish remarks by the US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. By the close of stock markets Friday, Ethereum was down…

Wen moon? Probably not soon: Why Bitcoin traders should make friends with the trend

Recurring bear flags and the Fed’s telegraphed monetary policy are painting a roadmap for BTC’s future price action.

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