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  • Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

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  • Kenya proposes to tax cryptocurrency trade.

Kenya proposes to tax cryptocurrency trade.

Over 4 million Kenyans are presently using cryptocurrency, according to recent reports, and lawmakers in Kenya are currently debating whether or not to move forward with a law that would…

Alima Nzeket, a 31-year-old female tech expert from Cameroon, is the nation’s representative for this year’s TechWomen in America.

Women in technology are becoming more prominent, and Cameroon has been instrumental in encouraging female digital entrepreneurs across the country. Mrs. Alima Nzeket Epse Bessama, a 31-year-old computer science engineering…

After 10 months with no withdrawals, Ai.Marketing introduces “Aim Radio” in an effort to regain investors’ confidence and hope.

After ten months of holding investors’ funds with no withdrawals and numerous broken promises of the firm returning to routine, many AI investors have given up on the venture. Some…

Artozo NFT marketplace invites premiere artist submissions ahead of beta launch

Artozo, an NFT marketplace that seeks to make the collection of NFTs fun and rewarding, – particularly for artists, has formally commenced registration of works from top NFT artists. Artozo…

US Treasury calls for international cooperation on crypto regulation

The US Treasury wants to see a little more close cooperation between various global regulators on the topic of cryptocurrency regulation. The department, whose commentary on the need for international…

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